10 Foods That Can Cause Blood Sugar Levels to Spike

06. Tea

Image Source: pixabay.com

A considerable lot of us get a kick out of the chance to think tea is a solid drink, and at times it can give some prominent medical advantages. Chamomile tea can enable you to unwind and rest; green tea may help support digestion; ginger tea can settle a furious stomach; cranberry tea could help avert urinary tract diseases. Also, dark tea, for example, English breakfast or orange pekoe, can give us a decent little increase in vitality through caffeine.

Be that as it may, tea can be very undesirable if it's stacked down with sugar, cream, or substantial drain. What's more, that is regularly what number of individuals drink it, particularly from mainstream tea or caf├ęs that offer their own particular claim to fame flavors. Similarly as with espresso, the best thought is to get your tea plain while including sugar yourself - if require be.

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