15 best omega-3 superfoods for your mind and body

10. Eggs

Image Source: clickatlife.gr

Omega-3 Payoff: 225 mg for each egg

Eggs turn up on a considerable lot of our "best records" since they are packed with protein, vitamins, cancer prevention agents, and a fat-battling supplement called choline. Omega-3-enhanced eggs are laid by hens that are encouraged flax seeds, chia seeds, and fish oil, along these lines naturally enhancing your clack!

11. Purslane

Image Source: parentinghealthybabies.com

Omega-3 Payoff: 300 mg for each ½ container

What the hell is purslane? While not a typical nourishment in a large portion of the U.S., this acrid, somewhat salty green is regularly utilized as a part of Greek and Turkish cooking. You can discover it at ranchers' business sectors in spring and summer, however the undoubtedly put you'll experience it is developing in the breaks of your carport. A weed to most, it was a normal piece of Gandhi's eating routine, and an insignificant half container has in excess of 1,000 IUs of vitamin A. This may be the least expensive stealth wellbeing sustenance on the planet!

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