13 Best Freshwater Fish For Your Home Aquariem


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Regularly touted as a 'tenderfoot just' fish, sword tails (Given the name because of the sword like state of their tails) have as of late manufactured a gigantic after of dedicated fans, hoping to search out the rarest of the species. For the most part found in little streams, sword tails commonly incline toward a plant based eating regimen, so a tank loaded with normally happening green growth will be ideal for them, be that as it may, they likewise do well with live nourishments occasionally. A vegetable based drop would be the ideal nourishment for them on a reliable premise.

Growing up to 12 cm long, and with low requests for water conditions, sword tails are ideal for new fishkeepers. Remember that they flourish better in networks, so it's constantly preferred to keep more over one, ideally at least 5. The ideal water temperature would be in the vicinity of 25 and 28 degrees celcius, yet they can likewise do well in cooler, or hotter tanks.

In the wild, sword tails would normally be found in quick streaming water, so in the event that you can imitate this by keeping a solid stream of water some place in your tank, they will be appreciative, and will feel more at home.


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Despite the fact that not normally suggested as an amateur fish, because of their forceful nature (They aren't called Siamese Fighting Fish in vain), the Betta fish will for the most part be forceful toward other Betta angle, so as long as you just keep one, they ought to be fine.

We have added the Betta to our rundown of best freshwater angle for fledglings, since they are a standout amongst the most staggering tropical fish you can keep. The long vivid blades will get the eyes of anybody having a look in your tank. Betta angle are likewise simple to tend to, and they will eat most kinds of nourishment including fish pieces, blood-worms and brackish water shrimp. For a treat, take a stab at offering some live nourishments to the tank.

When searching for tank mates, ensure you don't include any fish which tend to nip. Due to their immense balances, the Betta would be an ideal objective for nipping fish, yet nipping a forceful fish like the Betta will never end well.

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