13 Best Freshwater Fish For Your Home Aquariem


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Another serene fish which will live amicably with most other fish is the Cory Catfish. With more than 140 species to browsed, the Cory angle is the ideal expansion to a fledglings angle tank (Not to be confused for other catfish, for example, the Pictus Catfish). Being forceful eaters, these freshwater fish will be in charge of keeping your tank clean, because of their adoration for vegetative issue and green growth which can develop at the base of home aquariums.

With a life expectancy of up to 20 years, the Cory Catfish is a mutual fish, which endeavors better when kept in gatherings of no less than 3. In the wild they will eat creepy crawlies, hatchlings and any vegetative issue that sinks to the base of shallow reefs. You can reproduce this by offering them an assortment of vegetable drops, bug hatchlings, and worms, for example, blood-worms.


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Mollies are a flexible fish which can get by in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, if the progressions are made steadily. They are awesome for novices since they are amazingly tough, and are not as forceful as some other tropical fish. There are numerous too browse, and the term 'mollies' is very ambiguous, since there are such huge numbers of varieties of size, shading and ideal tank conditions.

As a result of the tremendous distinction between each sort of molly angle, picking the correct water conditions can be intense. In any case, all mollies incline toward warm water, so a temperature in the vicinity of 25 and 28 degrees would be ideal.

In the wild, mollies like to eat a plant based eating routine, most particularly, green growth. Advancement has gradually dismissed mollies from a predatory eating routine, and more towards a plant based weight control plans, so their stomach related frameworks are intended to process green growth superior to most other tropical fish. The ideal eating regimen for aquarium mollies would be green growth, veggie lover drops, and the infrequent blood-worm or saline solution shrimp as a treat, yet restrain them to more than once every week, worst case scenario.

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